A01 Hiroaki Imoto

Hiroaki Imoto

Participating A01


Department of Chemistry and Materials Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology


Associate Professor



Research Project

Innovative asymmetric chemistry of organoarsenic compounds toward higher-ordered structures and highly-functionalized materials


In this project, we are challenging for the development of practical synthetic methods for asymmetric organoarsenic compounds, which remain to be examined. Moreover, the higher-ordered structures and high functions will be investigated in detail. An arsenic atom has advantages in organic chemistry over other pnictogens because of its high steric and chemical stability. Additionally, the design of asymmetrical coordination spheres is simplified by utilizing arsenic-stereogenic compounds, in which the stereo-center itself has coordination ability. The precisely designed higher-ordered structure and versatile functions of transition metals will open new avenue toward further advancement of the science of coordination asymmetry.

Research Areas

Organic Synthesis, Polymer Chemistry, Material Science


Organoarsenic Compounds, Chiral Ligand, Luminescent Material


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