A01 Hiroshi Fujii

Hiroshi Fujii

Participating A01


Faculty of Science, Nara Women’s University





Research Project

Molecular mechanism


Jacobsen catalysts are chiral salen metal complexes and have been known one of the most excellent asymmetric catalysts.  Jacobsen catalysts had been believed to have chiral distorted conformation of the salen ligand because of their high enatioselectivity.  However, x-ray crystal analysis revealed that Jacobsen catalysts have almost flat conformation of the salen ligand.  Therefore, there have not yet clarified what is the reactive intermediates of the reaction and how Jacobsen catalysts induce high enantioselectivity.  Recently, we found that Jacobsen catalysts show the chiral conformational change of the salen ligand when central metal is oxidized and strong axial ligands bind to the metal center.  In this project, we will study the mechanism of the chiral conformational change of the salen ligand.

Research Areas

Bioinorganic Chemistry、Magnetic Resonance, Inorganic Chemistry


Asymmetric oxidation, Reactive intermediate, Metal-oxo, Terminal oxidant adduct, Salen