A01 Naokazu Kano

Naokazu Kano

Participating A01


Department of Chemistry, Gakushuin University





Research Project

Creation of Coordination-Asymmetric and Functional Molecules Based on a Bond between Highly Coordinated Main Group Elements


Several bonds between the second-row elements work as functional groups in organic chemistry. Instead of such conventional bonds, we create new chemical bonds between two different elements in a highly coordinated state or hypervalent state. The coordination number of the central main-group-element atoms in the new bonds are oncreased, and formation of many potential diastereomers are expected. We develop selective and efficient synthetic methods for some specific isomers among them. We choose pentacoordinated silicon or phosphorus, the third-row elements, for one of the element which forms the bond, and boron or aluminum, the group 13 elements, for the counterpart. Such the compounds bearing the new bond should be unique Lewis acids which have a hypervalent moiety bound to the Lewis acid center. They are expected to be functional coordination-asymmetric molecules.

Research Areas

Main Group Chemistry, Structural Organic Chemistry, Organic Reactions


Main Group Element, Chemical Bond, Functional Group, Highly Coordinated Compound, Hypervalent Compound