A01 Satoru Hiroto

Satoru Hiroto

Participating A01


Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University


Associate Professor



Research Project

Creation of Novel Functional Asymmetric Space consisted of Curved π-conjugated molecules with Metal Coordination


In this research, we develop novel supramolecular assemblies with asymmetric cavity consisted of functional curved π-conjugated molecules as building blocks.  An asymmetric geometrie of a curved π-conjugated molecule provides asymmetric architectures on self-organization by metal coordination. In addition, we will create a functional asymmetric space, enabling asymmetric reactions by binding guest molecules.  In particular, we would like to pursue the following investigations to accomplish these purposes: (1) Construction of a helical supramolecular assembly with heterohelicene ligands by metal-metal interactions or ligand exchange reactions. (2) Creation of asymmetric cavity for selective extraction of chiral carbon materials. (3) Elucidation of an asymmetric reaction space by host-guest interactions.

Research Areas

Physical Organic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Synthesis


Curved π-conjugated molecules, Host-Guest system, Circular Polarized Luminescence