A01 Tsukasa Matsuo

Tsukasa Matsuo Participating A01
Affiliation Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kindai University
Position Professor
Research Project Synthesis and Reactivity of Mixed Group 13 Hydride Species
Abstract In this research, we investigate the development of mixed group 13 hydride species such as alumaborane(6) to clarify the bonding nature and reactivity arising from the unique asymmetrical three-center two-electron (3c-2e) bonds. 1) Design and synthesis of the discrete molecules of mixed group 13 hydrides by taking advantage of the steric effects of the fused-ring bulky Rind groups (Rind = 1,1,3,3,5,5,7,7-octa-R-substituted s-hydrindacen-4-ly). 2) Experimental studies of the structural and bonding characteristics in the mixed group 13 hydride species by means of crystallographic and spectroscopic methods. 3) Computational studies of the mixed group 13 hydrides for the elucidation of the electronic properties originating from the asymmetrical 3c-2e bonds. 4) Activation of small molecules and reactions mediated by the mixed group 13 hydride derivatives. In comparison with the symmetrical hydride species such as diborane(6) and dialumane(6), we explore the chemistry of asymmetrical group 13 hydrides.

Research Areas Organoelement Chemistry、Organometallic Chemistry、Coordination Chemistry、Inorganic Chemistry
Keywords AlumaboraneDiboraneDialumaneGroup 13 Hydride、Three-Center Two-Electron Bond