A01 Yuji Mikata

Yuji Mikata

Participating A01


  1. Department of Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Nara Women’s University
  2. KYOUSEI Science Center for Life and Nature, Nara Women’s University





Research Project

Stabilization of “Asymmetric Oxygen Atom” with (Iso)quinoline-based Ligands


Development of chiral compound has been continuous interest in various fields. Many chiral compounds exhibit asymmetric carbon atoms, whereas sulfur (sulfoxide), nitrogen, phosphine, and other elements are also reported to serve as a chiral center. In this research proposal, we are going to demonstrate the possibility of effective oxygen chirality utilizing metal-coordinated oxygen atom. Usually, lone pair in heteroatom such as nitrogen inverts quickly to racemize the chiral center. However, this inversion can be substantially retarded by the metal ion coordination to the lone pair. As an initial stage of this research, we have demonstrated that the achiral ligand (HLCOO) generates two diastereomeric one-dimensional coordination polymers based on the “oxygen chirality” that differentiates homo- and heterochiral intermolecular interactions.

Research Areas

Bioinorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry


Isoquinoline, Quinoline, Asymmetric Oxygen Atom, Enantiomer, Optical Resolution