A02 Kazukuni Tahara

Kazukuni Tahara Participating A02
Affiliation Department Applied Chemistry, Meiji University
Position Professor
Research Project Design and Control of Hierarchical Molecular Self-Assembly at the Liquid-Solid Interface
Abstract Structural control of molecular self-assembly at the liquid-solid interface has been studied over the past decades. A guiding principle in designing of the structure and functionality of self-assembled monolayers has been established, yet further investigation on the multi-layered film is necessary. In particular, the construction of a porous multi-layered film is of great challenge. In this context, this project aims at the construction of porous self-assembled molecular films at the liquid-solid interface in a stereoselective manner by using tailored chiral molecular building blocks. The multi-layer growth will be derived by the optimized directional intermolecular interactions. Moreover, when the chiral porous films are realized, the functionality of resulting films, in particular guest recognition abilities, will be evaluated.

Research Areas Physical Organic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Surface Science
Keywords Self-Assembly, Monolayer, Chirality, Liquid-Solid Interface, Scanning Probe Microscopy


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