A02 Takashi Hirose

Takashi Hirose

Participating A02


Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University


Associate Professor



Research Project

Creation of Multi-Dimensional Chiral Assemblies Based on π-Extended Helical Aromatic Ligands


The helically-twisted molecular geometry of rigid π-extended helicenes is a unique asymmetric structure to construct asymmetric spatial arrangements of metal elements. In this study, we construct metal-organic hybrid systems with a highly asymmetric structure induced by π-extended helical ligands to develop a new asymmetric chemistry based on mutual electronic interactions between p- and d- orbitals. More specifically, we will investigate on (1) introduction of metal coordination site to π-extended helicenes, (2) quantum chemical analysis of electronic interaction between helical ligands and metal centers, and (3) construction of metal-organic integrated self-assemblies using the p-extended helical ligands. Consequently, we intend to propose a molecular design strategy for chiroptical and electronic properties based on the control of the chiral arrangement of metal elements.

Research Areas

Physical Organic Chemistry、Photochemistry、Organic Chemistry


Helicenes、Chiral Ligands、Circular Dichroism、Self-Assembly、Helical Chirality


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[2] Fabrication of Robust Spatially Resolved Photochromic Patterns on Cellulose Papers by Covalent Printing for Anticounterfeiting Applications,
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