A02 Tomohiro Seki

Tomohiro Seki

Participating A02


Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University


Assistant professor



Research Project

Design of Versatile Stimuli-Responsive Materials and Luminescent Mechanochromism of Asymmetric Crystals


Hajime Ito (Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University)


Our group has studied luminescent mechanochromism of a series of gold isocyanide complexes. Luminescent mechanochromism is referred to as photoluminescence color changes of the solid/liquid crystal samples by mechanical stimulation such as grinding and pressing. These emission color changes are generally caused by molecular arrangement changes. In my study in the Asymmetry Coordination, I focus on the development of stimuli-responsive materials with novel chiral properties by using luminescent mechanochromic gold isocyanide complexes. Recently, we found that several gold isocyanide complexes exhibited luminescent mechanochromism involving the phase transition from viscous oil (an amorphous phase) to a chiral crystal (P212121), and then to an achiral crystal (P-1). We also found that this mechanochromism accompanied with on-off switching of circular dichroism spectral activity. In this research, we tried to further develop a novel chiral mechanochromic material.

Research Areas

Functional Material Chemistry, Photochemistry, Organic Chemistry


Luminescent mechanochromism; Phase transition; Photoluminescence; Chiral optical property


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