A04 Hiroko Tokoro

Hiroko Tokoro

A04 Planning


Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba





Research Project

Creation of Asymmetric Coordination Magnetic Compounds


The objectives of this research is to create an asymmetric coordination magnetic compound with a network structure, which has an asymmetric coordination structure and framework. Then, the effects of asymmetric structure on spin are examined via the crystal structure determination and magnetic measurements. Moreover, by considering various physical properties originating from an asymmetric structure, new functionalities are explored. As a target material, we focus on a cyano-bridged complex system containing a cyano group as a ligand, since the cyano group is suitable for intermediating magnetic interactions between metal ions. For example, we plan to focus on a heptacyano bridged metal complex because it has characteristically low-symmetry in the local structure of the metal ion, and a heptacyano metal complex can take various coordination forms. Utilizing these features and selecting the suitable metal ions and ligands for the spin source has possibility to realize new structures, creating a system of asymmetric coordination magnetic compounds with magnetic functionalities.

Research Areas

Solid State Science, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Material


Magnetism, Cooperative effect, Asymmetric structure


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