A03 Sayaka Uchida

Sayaka Uchida

Participating A03


School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo


Associate Professor



Research Project

Directional Ion Conduction by Confined Single-Chain Polymer in Porous Inorganic Ionic Crystals


Introducing directionality and anisotropy in inorganic solid state materials has been a long-standing issue in inorganic chemistry. Polyoxometalates (POM) are nano-sized anionic metal-oxygen clusters with low surface electron density, which are suitable for conducting cations. In this work, a series of all-inorganic porous ionic crystals will be synthesized with POM and appropriate counter cations, and single-chain polymers with acidic or basic functional groups will be confined into the pores. Realizing efficient cation (proton) conduction along the pores via segmental motion or conformation of polymers is the main target of this work. The conformation of single-chain polymers will be investigated by X-ray or neutron diffraction techniques. The helicity of polymers will be controlled by chirality multiplication and efficient chirality transfer with chiral amino acids.

Research Areas

Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Solid State Materials Chemistry


Polyoxometalates, Ionic Crystals, Porous Materials, Ion Conduction


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