A03 Tomomi Koshiyama

Tomomi Koshiiyama

Participating A02


Ritsumeikan University, College of Life Sciences


Associate Professor



Research Project

Reaction Control of Metal Complexes on Asymmetric Cell Membrane


Accumulation of metal complexes in liposomes, which are artificial spherical lipid bilayers, has been promoted to construct chemical reaction systems. However, since the liposome is a symmetric membrane, metal complexes are oriented on both the outer surface and the inner surface, and the relative orientation between the complexes is not fixed, so that the reaction efficiency of the complex decreases. Therefore, in this study, we focused on cell membranes that are “asymmetric membranes”. Cell membranes have different structures on the inside and outside of the membrane. Thus, controlling the orientation of the metal complexes on the cell membrane will provide precise control of their reactivity.

Research Areas

Bio-related ChemistryComplex ChemistryBioinorganic Chemistry


Cell Membrane、Metal Complex、Coordination Chemistry