A04 Masayuki Suda

Masayuki Suda

Participating A04


Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems, Institute for Molecular Science


Assistant Professor



Research Project

Creation for Novel Spintronics Devices based on Chiral-ligand-passivated Nanoparticle-networks


Daichi Hirobe (Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems, Institute for Molecular Science)
Ou Chen(Department of Chemistry, Brown University)
Yasutaka Nagaoka(Department of Chemistry, Brown University)


“True chirality” is defined as systems existing in two distinct enantiomeric states that are interconverted by space inversion, but not by time reversal combined with any proper spatial rotation”. In this context, (non-polarized) current is defined as achiral while spin-polarzied current is defined as chiral. This fact indicates the possibility of conversion from current to spin-polarized current by chiral molecules. In this work, we create novel spintronics devices utilizing chiral molecules. To realize highly-spin-polarized current at room temperature, multiple chiral-induced spin selectivity (CISS) effects is realized by creating chiral-ligand-passivated nanoparticle-networks. We believe the present strategy may provide a new avenue for the development of next-generation organic spintronics devices.

Research Areas

Slid State Science, Device Science, Surface and Interface Science


Spintronics, Chirality, Nanoparticles, Spin-polarized Current, Self-assembly