A04 Takahiko Kojima

Takahiko Kojima

Participating A04


Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, Department of Chemistry, University of Tsukuba





Research Project

Development of Metal-Complex Catalysts with Helical Chirality and the Application to Asymmetric Oxidation Reactions


Asymmetric oxidation reactions have been developed using metal complexes, which have ligands with stereogenic carbon atom(s) or axial chirality, as catalyst. In this study, we will develop asymmetric oxidation reactions using transition-metal complexes with helical chirality around the metal centers without any stereogenic centers in the ligands. Toward this goal, we will employ non-chiral pyridylamine ligands with bulky aromatic substituents via amide linkage. By virtue of the stability of the Ru(II) complexes with such ligands accompanying amide-oxygen coordination and intramolecular hydrogen bonding, we expect the formation of “metallo-helicene” species with helical chirality around the metal center to perform asymmetric oxidation of organic substrates on the basis of the formation of a Ru(IV)-oxo complex as the responsible intermediate of the reactions.


Research Areas

Cluster Chemistry, Nanomaterial Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry


Metal Cluster, High-Resolution Separation, Asymmetric Catalytic Activity


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