A01 Mio Kondo

Mio Kondo

Participating A01


Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University


Associate Professor



Research Project

Development of Novel Functional Molecules Based on Asymmetric Assembly of Metal Ions


Shigeyuki Masaoka(Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)


Multinuclear metal complexes are an intriguing class of molecules, which can exhibit unique spin state, reactivity, or photochemical properties depending on the number and nature of metal ions included in their structures. In this project, we aim to develop novel functional molecules by introducing asymmetric nature into the complexes. In order to achieve our target, the assembled structures that has several kinds of metal ions will be constructed, and the attractive physical properties arising from their unique electronic structure will be explored. As a target system, a series of pentanuclear metal complexes, which are proved to serve as highly active catalyst for reaction involving multi-electron transfer. A rational methodology to precisely assemble metal ions will be developed and the control over the electronic structure and physical properties of pentanuclear complexes will be achieved.

Research Areas

Coordination Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry、Catalysis


Multinuclear Metal Complex、Multi-Electron Redox Reaction、Heteronuclear Complex