A02 Akira Ono

Akira Ono

Participating A02


Faculty of Engineering, Kanagawa University





Research Project

Helicity control of spirally accumulated metal ions on nucleic acid structures and characterization of the helical metal-nucleic acid complexes.


Jiro Kondo (Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University)
Ryou Yamada (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University)
Yoshihito Ueno(Professor, Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University)


We will develop new asymmetric metal complexes, spirally accumulated metal ions along DNA/RNA duplex structures. Duplexes containing accumulated metal ions (metallo-duplexes) could give novel methodologies to control electronic properties of DNA/RNA duplexes, natural nano-wires, and could contribute for developing nano-organo electronic devices. We will synthesize DNA and RNA duplexes which have opposite helicities. The mirror-image DNA and RNA duplexes will be converted to mirror-image metallo-duplexes. Also, we will develop methods for controlling helicity of artificial nucleic acid by external stimulations. It is known that spin polarized current can be generated under chiral environments such as nucleic acids. By controlling helicities of the duplexes, physical properties such of spin polarization of metallo-duplexes can be controlled. 

Research Areas

Nucleic acid-metal complexes、nucleic acid chemistry、DNA based nano-materials


metallo-duplex, metallo-DNA/RNA, helicity control, spirally accumulated metal ions,