A02 Takeshi Naota

Takeshi Naota

A02 Planning


Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University





Research Project

3D Assembly Control of Flexible Chiral Transition Metal Complex Aimed to Designing the New Functional Light Emitting Materials


Soichiro Kawamorita (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University)


This research aims to create functional phosphorescent materials based on the investigation on the association, aggregation and mobile properties of various transition metal complexes bearing 3D superstructures with planar chirality.   The research includes comprehensive studies on the (1) synthesis and structure of novel potentially emissive transition metal complexes with planar chirality, (2) their chromogenic properties based on the control of association/aggregation chirality and molecular mobility, and (3) application to functional emissive materials based on the control of d-π conjugation on the coordination platforms. 

Figure 1.  Various phosphorescent complexes bearing 3D superstructures with planar chirality (a) and their functional emission properties based on the association, aggregation and mobility control (b).

Research Areas

Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry


phosphorescence, photophysics, platinum complex, planar chirality


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