A03 プラシデス コスマス

 Prassides, Kosmas

公募 A03

所 属

大阪府立大学 大学院工学研究科

役 職





Metal-directed asymmetric spatial assembly of diverse building blocks – spheres, planes, and bowls


研究協力者:樽谷 直紀(大阪府立大学 大学院工学研究科・助教)


The research will establish a new molecular materials platform using asymmetric assembly of spherical (C60) and planar/curved (polyaromatic hydrocarbons, PAHs) molecular units dictated by metal coordination to generate functional molecular frameworks and hybrid materials with targeted electronic properties. This will be achieved by establishing robust synthetic protocols to prepare: (i) binary metal compounds of PAHs with variable stoichiometries and different asymmetrically-assembled crystalline structures, and (ii) ternary metal-intercalated compounds of hybrid sphere/plane/bowl (fullerene/PAH) molecular materials asymmetrically pre-assembled via combination of favorable metal-directed and supramolecular interactions. The reserach will lead to the development of multiple-component hybrid crystalline molecular solids with compositional and structural complexity and the unveiling of new electronic states of matter such as unconventional superconductors and quantum spin liquids.


Solid State Chemistry, Structural Chemistry, Condensed Matter Physics


Hybrid Nanomaterials、Fullerenes、Polyaromatics、Superconductivity、Quantum Magnetism



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