A03 Yuichi Kitagawa

Yuichi Kitagawa

Participating A03


Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery, Hokkaido University


Specially Appointed lecturer



Research Project

Asymmetric Chemical Reaction Based on Assembled Asymmetric Coordinated Ligands and Mechanical Force


A chemical reaction is studied via the excited state dynamics in an asymmetric space using mechanical force. The excited state of some materials has long been known to be formed via mechanical force, and these materials further show luminescence (triboluminescence). Lanthanide complexes are one of the materials forming excited states via mechanical force, and they have a characteristic high coordination number (i.e., 7–12); therefore, multiple kinds of ligands are assembled around the lanthanide ions. Herein, we synthesize a lanthanide complex containing a chemical reactive molecular framework in the excited state and ligands forming a characteristic asymmetric space around the lanthanide ion (e.g., chiral ligands). We study the structural transformation and change of the photophysical properties of these lanthanide complexes induced by a chemical reaction via the excited state using mechanical force.



Research Areas

Photochemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Physical Chemistry


Lanthanide Complex, Mechanical Force, Chemical Reaction, Triboluminescence, Circular Polarized Luminescence


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